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The first thing we always work on is application. 

Students master the products being used  to make sure their job is done neatly, efficiently and in a timely matter.


Shaping is what catches the eye. If your shape is not excellent its going to be tough pulling in the clientele you need to be financially independent.


Depending on level of skill & comfortability with the previous topics, we can move into learning basic designs.

Ombre is definitely a great skill to learn that I typically teach in the first class. Any other designs that are trending today Id be happy to touch base on as well.


Many students do great during class. They take everything learned, go home, practice and get stuck right there. This is where the business side of things come into play. How do I turn my passion and my goals into a reality? We will cover everything you need to know to start making money. Its truly up to you. The sky is the limit.

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Las Vegas Nevada • MARCH 1ST!!_Beginner
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